Episode 122: How to Respond to Grief in Ourselves & in Our Loved Ones

In this episode, I am joined by Cori Lazarte, a therapist who helps clients who grieve. Together we discuss different ways that grief may enter our lives, what to say (and not to say) to those who are grieving, and we explain how important it is to make it ok to “not be ok,” and […]

Episode 121: Holiday Traditions—Should I Keep Them or Let Them Go?

In this episode, I explain the purpose of traditions and rituals in our families and relationships, and why they serve as a medicine for resilience in our times of struggle. I discuss how to determine when we may need to add traditions, and when we should give ourselves permission to let them go or to […]

Episode 120: How to Help Your Partner Feel the Love You Give

In this episode, I discuss why our love that we give sometimes gets brushed off, or goes unseen, or receives a lukewarm response. I explain how to help your partner feel the love you give. I describe the four rungs on the ladder of expressing love, how to access each step on that ladder, & […]

Episode 119: How to Build Emotional “Teflon” & Resilience in Kids

In this episode, I explain how we can help our kids to find and keep their emotional resilience, and how to create a “Teflon” for the hardships that they face, like loss, bullying, correction, and personal life storms. I explain how building secure attachment fits into that resilience. I also discuss how to help kids […]

Episode 118: Understanding Helicopter Parenting & What Style of Parenting Works Better

In this episode, I am joined by my wife, Meg, as we discuss what  helicopter parenting is and what it isn’t. I explain the 4 commonly labeled styles of parenting, and we introduce a new parenting style that I’m excited to share with you, and which can help you focus your parenting efforts with greater […]

Episode 117: How to Do a Self-Check for Mental & Emotional Health

In this episode, I explain why people fear and avoid addressing mental health. I explain the key questions that we can each ask ourselves so we can determine whether our state of mind warrants additional support from a therapist or physician. And I explain why there IS hope and a solid and clear path forward […]

Episode 116: Why Men Are Stronger with Emotions

In this episode, I discuss a popular YouTube episode I heard online that describes the world trying to make men soft and weak and brainwashed with emotion and emotional sensitivity. I discuss that popular mentality, and I explain the reality of emotional intelligence. I make the case for how emotion makes men, and women, even […]

Episode 115: Parenting High-Emotion Kids

In this episode, my wife, Meg, & I talk about parenting high-emotion kids. We discuss origins of our kids’ emotional outbursts, how our own reactions can calm or elevate those emotions, and the role of empathy in our parenting response. We’ll dispel myths about emotion and offer hope for any parent who struggles — because […]

Episode 114: Keys to Undoing Loneliness

In a recent study, loneliness was declared a public health epidemic. In this episode, I summarize the main points of this study and I discuss how to foster deeper connection despite ongoing feelings of loneliness. I explain why we need to heal our attachment to ourselves, how to achieve the self-clarity this requires, and why […]

Episode 113: Why Try Therapy? Q&A About How Therapy Works

In this episode, my producer, Richie T. Steadman, joins me to ask me the questions people often want to know about what therapy is, how it works, and what to expect. I talk openly about how to choose a therapist, how to bring a reluctant loved one to therapy, when to do therapy and when […]

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