The Emotion Ally Podcast is a weekly podcast that will give you direct access to a therapist in a personal, raw, and relevant way. Join me for 20-30 minutes each week as I discuss ways to improve emotional health, strengthen relationships, and turn your emotions into a strength and asset to your life. I’ll discuss important issues I often address with my clients; answers to questions sent to me by listeners; you’ll hear interviews with clients and real folks, talking about real-life issues and how to solve them; and interviews with professionals who can meaningfully offer advice from their field. Listen in and subscribe!

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While PTSD is often associated with combat or horrific life experiences, trauma and its effects in our lives are, in fact, much more common than we realize. In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Sean Davis to discuss the definition of trauma, its widespread impacts, the power of acknowledging our own vulnerability in the midst
n this episode, I address what perfectionism is and isn’t and how to mitigate unhealthy effects of perfectionism in our lives and the lives of those we love. I’ll discuss red flags, the power of unconditional empathy, and how fueling passions can help foster a healthier connection to self and allow us greater peace and
In this Mother’s Day episode, I’m joined by Andrea Reeve & Brittany Richman, co-creators of The American Moms website, to talk about the incredible—yet all-too-often overlooked—impact of women in families, society, and the world. We chat about influential American women in history, how their lives relate to the experience of women today, and the extraordinary
As we lead up to Mother’s Day, we’re chatting this week with Tara Carson, founder of The Dating Divas website, about marriage, parenthood, and her own infertility journey. We discuss self-care, the emotional underpinnings of libido, and the importance of making time for your partner, especially when you’re thick in the throes of parenthood. Give
In this episode, I’m joined by Sherry, a mother and photographer currently balancing home, work, and school life. Together we’ll talk about balance, dark moments, finding self-worth despite the sometimes terrible storms of life, and how such moments can shape our decisions and help us better see who we truly are. You won’t forget this
How close is too close? Whether it’s the proximity of quarantine, empty-nest syndrome, or job shifts, more time together does not always equal more connection with our partner. In this episode, I discuss the relational importance of traditions and feeding nostalgia, how to lean into our own core emotions and those of our partner, and

Life Can Be Hard.

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