The Emotion Ally Podcast is a weekly podcast that will give you direct access to a therapist in a personal, raw, and relevant way. Join me for 20-30 minutes each week as I discuss ways to improve emotional health, strengthen relationships, and turn your emotions into a strength and asset to your life. I’ll discuss important issues I often address with my clients; answers to questions sent to me by listeners; you’ll hear interviews with clients and real folks, talking about real-life issues and how to solve them; and interviews with professionals who can meaningfully offer advice from their field. Listen in and subscribe!

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How do we best gauge our success when our world is in upheaval? In this episode, I tackle the question of how to focus on process and intention, rather than results. I chat about the things we can and can’t control, what it means to live by connection, and why doing so will ultimately lead
Watching our teen (and adult) kids make unwise decisions or face intense struggles can be heart-wrenching, frustrating, and even embarrassing. In this episode, Dr. Sean Davis joins me again to discuss the best ways to help lift the burdens our kids carry and how a focus on the fundamentals can help us better see the
Conflict is an inevitable part of life, even within the healthiest relationships. In this episode, I point out red flags, explain the difference between healthy fighting and abuse, give tips to help kids feel safe amidst parental conflict, and outline the core relationship principles that will not only help us fight with our partner in
We’re shaking things up this week with an episode discussing pop music and relationships. I’m joined by Rich & Celeste Davis, hosts of the Marriage Theraoke Podcast, a podcast that analyzes relationship messages in pop songs and then rewrites the songs accordingly. We chat about how their podcast came to be, how popular music can
In this episode, I discuss dating from multiple angles, from tips for online dating, to building trust with a partner, to the most important questions to ask before making a long-term commitment. Whether you’re single, just starting out, or in a committed relationship, this episode will help you recognize and cultivate healthy patterns of emotional
In this episode, I discuss how to craft questions that inspire real connection with those around us. I’ll chat about the kinds of questions that help others feel safe, the importance of paying attention to the comfort levels of those around us, and how real empathy speaks louder than perfect execution. Give it a listen!

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