The Emotion Ally Podcast is a weekly podcast that will give you direct access to a therapist in a personal, raw, and relevant way. Join me for 20-30 minutes each week as I discuss ways to improve emotional health, strengthen relationships, and turn your emotions into a strength and asset to your life. I’ll discuss important issues I often address with my clients; answers to questions sent to me by listeners; you’ll hear interviews with clients and real folks, talking about real-life issues and how to solve them; and interviews with professionals who can meaningfully offer advice from their field. Listen in and subscribe!

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In this episode, I’m discussing emotional paralysis and how to free ourselves from feeling stuck, regardless of our circumstances. I discuss five underlying needs that feed into emotional paralysis, how to fill those needs, and the importance of tapping into our emotions to give our lives deeper context and meaning. Give it a listen! Enjoy
In this episode, I discuss boundaries and their role in mitigating feelings of resentment and burnout. I explain how to know when boundaries are necessary, the fears we often face in setting boundaries, and how facing those fears and recognizing our own needs can actually draw us closer to those we love. Give it a
In this episode, I discuss 6 tips to make your Valentines Day more meaningful, regardless of your budget or personal situation. I’ll chat about connection and vulnerability, the true meaning of romance, and how to better see each other three-dimensionally and with grace. Give it a listen! Enjoy the show ? Don’t miss an episode,
In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Michael Voss to discuss the realities of self-harm and suicide, and how families and friends can best help those who suffer. We discuss the underlying motivational structure of self-harm, the complexities of suicidality and its relationship with self-harm, the many resources available and when to seek such resources,
In this episode, I’m joined by sex therapist Braxton Dutson to discuss how to address pornography with kids and teens. We chat about when and how to start sexual conversations, what not to do, and how to seek real understanding, even in the midst of the most awkward or difficult sexual questions. Give it a
In the wake of a tumultuous year and a difficult new year, I discuss how to bridge the divide with the many people around us who think differently than we do. Rather than distancing ourselves from our neighbors, family, and friends, I discuss the importance of reaching out, acknowledging the good, and loving anyway. Extending

Life Can Be Hard.

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