The Emotion Ally Podcast is a weekly podcast that will give you direct access to a therapist in a personal, raw, and relevant way. Join me for 20-30 minutes each week as I discuss ways to improve emotional health, strengthen relationships, and turn your emotions into a strength and asset to your life. I’ll discuss important issues I often address with my clients; answers to questions sent to me by listeners; you’ll hear interviews with clients and real folks, talking about real-life issues and how to solve them; and interviews with professionals who can meaningfully offer advice from their field. Listen in and subscribe!

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In this episode, I’m talking FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out, and how to utilize our time—and our summers—to our best advantage. I discuss the many consequences of a FOMO-infused culture, including varied ways in which it has affected my own life, and I outline how intentional connection can help us move past the anxious
In this episode, I discuss how to move our lives forward in small, actionable steps that help us build and keep momentum. I chat about the importance of asking deeper questions & living by process, how to feel on purpose & get out of survival/superficial mode, and what true courage looks like. Give it a
In this episode, I discuss how to explain difficult (perhaps even impossible) extended family dynamics to your kids without throwing them into the fray. I explain the difference between reactivity and proactivity, how to avoid weaponizing our emotions, and why it’s so important to model emotional fluency for our kids, even in the midst of
In this Father’s Day episode, I’m joined by Kolette Hall, co-author of the book, Messy Victories, to discuss her powerful story of married life and parenting with her quadriplegic husband, Jason Hall.  We chat about the book that she and her husband wrote, and she describes from her own powerful experience how each of us
In this episode, I discuss how to navigate relationships that may have gone sour over time or circumstance. I make a case for dismissing our internalized guilt, I discuss the role of empathy in boundary-keeping, and I give two key questions to ask yourself when faced with communicating through strained family relationships. Give it a
In this episode, I’m joined by singer/songwriter Cheri Magill to discuss letting go of destructive paradigms. We chat about undoing emotional fears, the importance of self-compassion, and how to model healthy emotional habits for our children. Give it a listen, and be sure to check out Cheri’s new album, Songs from My Backpack! Enjoy the

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