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Creekside Blue’s online services provide clients a safe place to receive both individual and relational guidance, to heal and find lasting peace. Serving a clientele across many borders, our services are particularly geared toward those seeking professional guidance and support where time, geography, limited local resources, or the need for privacy make an in-person office visit difficult.

Working professionals, adults on-the-go, stay-at-home parents and those who live or work some distance from reliable services can now get valuable support on any phone, tablet, or computer.

Our Services

At Creekside Blue, we recognize that qualified one-on-one guidance and support can be hard to find. Our Online Therapy and our Emotional & Relational Consultation services provide individuals and communities with the skilled and professional support they need, accessible from any phone, tablet, or computer.

Creekside Blue’s Online Therapy services link clients with highly-qualified clinicians in their state. Together with their Creekside Blue Therapist, clients will receive customized diagnoses and treatment care as they work to face their challenges and heal their most important relationships. Creekside Blue Online Therapy services are currently offered in Utah.

Creekside Blue’s Consultation services allow clients to connect with one of our world-class Emotional & Relational Consultants (ERC). Each Creekside Blue ERC is a hand-picked professional with graduate-level education in a mental health field, and has been specifically trained in Creekside Blue’s Emotional & Relational Consultation model. Together with their ERC, clients will receive customized guidance and support to handle life’s challenges. Emotional & Relational Consultation services are currently offered throughout the U.S. and around the world.

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Creekside Blue’s online services have the tools you need.

Why It Works

Both our Online Therapy and Emotional & Relational Consultation services at Creekside Blue focus on emotion-based methods of healing. Research in the past few decades consistently shows that healing is longest-lasting when addressed and centered at the emotional level.

Creekside Blue Therapists and Emotional & Relational Consultants have been specifically trained to help you address your personal or relationship questions, face your challenges, and provide you with the tools to heal from the inside out.

What Sets Us Apart

Though our services are online, Creekside Blue strives to offer the same personal, empathetic experience you would find at a local clinic. When our clients login to Creekside Blue, they can expect to feel the same level of empathy and comfort as they would with a trusted friend. Our HIPAA-secured teleconferencing also provides clients with the same confidentiality and safety standards they would expect in an in-person clinic.

That comfort, combined with our emotion-based technique, makes Creekside Blue a perfect choice for people seeking therapeutic help and/or guidance and emotional support related to:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress management
  • finding life balance
  • addiction recovery
  • life changes
  • grief
  • relational struggles
  • emotional health
  • more

While other online sites offer complicated “bells and whistles” and an impersonal list of dozens of practitioners, Creekside Blue’s focus is simple: personal, one-on-one Online Therapy or Emotional & Relational Consultation from professionals invested in you. Clients can rest easy, with the assurance that professional, experienced, empathetic help is just a click away.

We are culturally-competent and faith-competent. Creekside Blue Therapists and ERCs have experience working with people from a diverse base, including active military and veterans, high profile government and business executives, and people from a variety of faith backgrounds.

We’re Here to Help.

How Is Emotional & Relational Consultation Different from Therapy?

Creekside Blue’s exclusive team of Emotional & Relational Consultants (ERCs) provide services to a client base stretching across the U.S. and around the globe. We have a passion for bringing meaningful and qualified support to people who need it, and we strive to ensure that a person’s limited schedule and proximity to services never stand in the way.

Our ERCs are unique in the field of online services, due to our Emotional & Relational Consultation model. Most online services use a behavior-based model for healing and change, yet research consistently proves that when individuals focus exclusively on a problematic behavior, no matter how important, the healing process is both more difficult to achieve and less likely to remain effective long-term. In contrast, our signature model focuses on emotions & relationships, drawing upon a unique blend of Attachment Theory and skills training to promote healing by addressing the emotion preceding behavior. Our ERCs are uniquely qualified to listen, conceptualize, guide, and respond to your concerns, all while remaining mindful of your emotional health and the health of your most important relationships. With Creekside Blue, you’ll experience professional, private, research-based guidance through HIPAA-secured teleconferencing.

Your emotional health is our first concern, so we are very selective in our hiring process. Emotional & Relational Consultants must have a graduate degree in mental health, and each ERC is vetted carefully and provided ongoing training to ensure they are not only culturally competent, empathetic and personable, but also skilled in the Emotional & Relational Consultation model that sets Creekside Blue apart. Our ERCs have a passion and interest in this work that resonates in every session. Rest assured that with Creekside Blue, you will receive world-class care from qualified, educated, and highly empathetic Consultants who will treat you with the same level of concern as would a trusted clinician at a local counseling office.

Due to current regulations which limit the practice of “therapy” across state lines, our Emotional & Relational Consultants do not provide “therapy,” in that they do not diagnose, provide clinical treatment plans, address suicidal or life-threatening situations, fulfill court-ordered treatment courses, make specific therapeutic claims, or bill their services with any health insurances. Our ERCs strictly comply with these and other state and federal regulations. You can think of Creekside Blue ERCs as trusted professionals who not only offer life guidance and empathetic emotional & relational support, but who also have the education and skills to direct you to the best literature and supportive resources you need to heal, all from the privacy of your phone, tablet, or computer.

Poised at the cutting edge of our field, with graduate-level training and a passion for reaching clients across borders and circumstances, Creekside Blue is committed to providing online services which will make an enduring difference in your life. We look forward to meeting you!

Creekside Blue Workshops and Seminars

Creekside Blue Therapists or ERCs can visit your organization to present on various mental and emotional health topics. Travel costs may apply.

What People Are Saying

  • The staff is a unique blend of professional expertise, yet extremely kind and sensitive. It feels like you are wrapped in a warm blanket for an hour! I looked forward to my weekly session.

    Rebekah, 62
  • My Consultant has become a trusted confidant, helping me and my wife through a very tough time in our lives. He makes us feel at ease and truly helps us resolve our issues. I feel better than I have felt in a long time.

    Troy, 41
  • I found the staff to be very accommodating and helpful, warm, and easy to talk to. I saw significant improvement with the addiction I face during the time I spent as a client.

    Brian, 29
  • My husband and I are the happiest we have been our entire marriage because of our Consultant! He made us feel very comfortable and was able to help us open up in a way we hadn’t before.

    Terri, 24
  • I think Creekside Blue's methods are outstanding, and I have nothing but respect for them, so two thumbs way, way up!

    Evan, 22
  • The insights I’ve obtained in the time I’ve known my Creekside Blue Consultant have been deep and lasting. My ERC knows where I struggle and helps me see how to move past my fears and anxieties to become the best version of myself.

    Lynn, 38
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