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What We Do

Kirk Voss Therapy & Consulting is your home base for the therapy, support, and meaningful help that you and your loved ones need. With both in-person and online video therapy sessions, weekly podcast episodes, live group seminars, and fireside gatherings in your community or workplace, let us help you find the healing and relational building that will bring peace, growth, and connection.

We provide in-person therapy sessions in Utah and Montana, and through our secure online video therapy sessions, we serve individuals, couples, and families across the U.S., Canada, U.K., and other English-speaking communities around the globe. We also travel throughout the U.S. to offer live fireside presentations and seminars on a variety of topics tailored to your specific needs.

Our Services

We offer therapy and consultation to individuals, couples, and families, both in-person and online. For residents of Utah and Montana, we provide in-person and online video therapy services, and for clients outside of Utah and Montana, we provide supportive consultation services.(Click HERE for a description of Therapy vs. Consultation).

We are especially excited to provide online video services for the many people who need help, but who find it’s outside of their reach. Working professionals, adults on-the-go, stay-at-home parents, and those who live or work some distance from reliable services can now get valuable therapeutic support on any phone, tablet, or computer.

We also offer small group relationship seminars for single adults, soon-to-be-married couples, and long-since-married couples. These seminars are 2.5 hours in length, include 2-6 couples (or 8-12 single adults) at a time, and provide not only invaluable relationship support and communication skills, but also effective, hands-on tools for healthy living and meaningful connection.

For larger groups, we provide live community firesides and presentations upon request, on a variety of topics, throughout the US and Canada Please EMAIL US to schedule a presentation at your workplace, church, community, or family event.

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How We Can Help

Deciding to get support is a big deal. We get that. Taking the leap to talk openly with a professional is an even bigger deal. We get that, too.

With over 13 years of clinical experience helping individuals, families, and couples, we not only know how to help you feel safe and supported, but how to truly help you move forward. Whether in-person or through our HIPAA-secured video sessions, you can expect the same kind of comfort and empathy as you would with a trusted friend. The approaches we use are evidence-based, giving you the confidence to know that you are getting the right help, the first time. We work with a variety of therapeutic issues and personal concerns, including:

  • Strengthening marriage
  • Preparing for marriage
  • Relational struggles
  • Finding balance
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Addiction recovery
  • Stress management
  • Emotional health
  • Parenting strategies
  • Grief and loss
  • Faith crisis
  • Healing after divorce
  • And more

We have experience working with clients from many different backgrounds, including a variety of international cultures, faith backgrounds, active and retired military clients, and high-profile government and business executives. You can trust us to be professional, compassionate, and discreet, regardless of your life experience or background.


“In a private meeting …, I asked Kirk a question that I had been terrified to ask, one to which I felt I already knew the answer. But I had to know. I was aching for hope, and so I asked, “Does any marriage really recover from something like this?” And Kirk…promised me that they do, that we could….  I clung to that answer…as we worked together… to heal some deep wounds and develop healthy life-processing skills. Meetings with Kirk… were as if he could see inside us and pull out the nugget of hope, truth, or hidden hurt that we needed…. We are doing much more than recovering, we are thriving…. Thank you for believing, and cheering, and crying, and pleading with us.”
-Michelle, 38

“I remember coming into Kirk’s office, quite sure that I could never have the kind of marriage I had hoped for, lived for, prayed for all my life…. We both felt defeated and frankly scared of what the future held. I felt like we were spiraling out of control. But Kirk never saw us like that. From our first meeting, and all the many meetings since, he truly saw us. He saw not the behaviors or the fears or the damning perceptions, he saw US, both individually and collectively. Because of him, our lives are fundamentally changed. We are totally not perfect, and still working on some core lessons he taught, but we are different, and we are HAPPY. We have hope, so much hope. No matter what mess we get ourselves into, we know how to work our way back out, how to connect to love, foster trust, and where to go when we need a new perspective.”

-Scott, 39


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Life can be hard. We all struggle in our own ways. We want to connect closely with people who matter to us. We want to overcome anxiety, heal our depression, and leave our addictions behind. We want to become our best selves. But it’s not always clear how to get there.
That’s where we come in.

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