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Creekside Blue Therapists and Emotional & Relational Consultants blend years of clinical experience in the mental health field with a passion for helping people heal.

Kirk V.

Kirk Voss has a background in Marriage and Family Therapy and works with individuals, couples, and families to address a variety of emotional and relationship issues. Kirk received his Master’s degree in Family Studies: Marriage and Family Therapy and his Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies. Kirk is fluent in English and Portuguese.

He has worked as a therapist in both inpatient treatment and outpatient community therapy clinics in multiple states.

Kirk works with clients from all backgrounds and religions. He believes that what often brings clients to coaching or therapy is their loss of balance—either a desire to attain a personal balance and positive well-being, or to restore balance which has been lost. Finding a healthy personal balance can involve improving self-care; improving self-worth; clearing the “clutter” of negative thinking; addressing past and present emotional injuries; deepening and healing close relationships; and addressing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Nikki H.

Nikki has a background in Marriage and Family Therapy. She earned her Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy and her Bachelor’s degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development.

Nikki has worked with a variety of clients, including children, teenagers, couples, and families. She has experience working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, infidelity, divorce, blending families, conflicted marriages, addiction, children in the foster care program, anger management, and families/individuals/couples adapting to life transitions, to name a few.

Nikki is a strengths-based clinician and utilizes a style that is solution-focused. She works to become a partner with her clients, working together to identify solutions and areas of change that will be most effective. She is bright and energetic, and has the ability to put people at ease and help them feel comfortable in an online setting. Her philosophy centers on validating her clients’ experiences while confronting and challenging negative thoughts and behaviors, thereby creating room for positive change. She believes in educating clients and assisting them in learning new skills that will allow them to cope with life’s challenges in a more productive way.

Penny B.

Penny has a background as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Work, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Women’s Studies.

Penny has worked with children, teenagers, and adults in a variety of settings, including outpatient and residential treatment centers. She has worked with individuals and families struggling with drug addictions, as well as children, teenagers, and adults who have been sexually abused. In addition, she has worked extensively with teenage girls who suffer from depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, drug addiction, PTSD, and suicidal ideation.

Penny uses meaningful, cognitive consulting strategies to help clients redirect their thinking patterns and works with her clients to help them discover answers to the challenges they are facing. She is friendly and understanding and enjoys making people feel comfortable in a consultation environment.

Laurin S.

Laurin earned her Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy and her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development. Laurin strives to help motivated clients increase their confidence, overcome traumatic experiences and create a more peaceful and balanced life. She does this primarily through holistic, interactive and strengths-based therapy approaches founded in healthy attachment. Laurin also has specialized training working with children, adolescents, and couples.

Among other things, Laurin’s professional interests include working with families and illness, infertility, those who have family members or children with disabilities, and parenting strategies/stress management. She also provides consultation for those struggling with depression, anxiety, motivation, and goal-oriented changes through life transitions.

Laurin is from beautiful Portland, Oregon. She loves travel, interior and floral design, and spending time with her family and friends.

Juliet T.

Juliet has a background in Marriage and Family Therapy and experience working with diverse clientele. Juliet received her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. Professionally, she is fascinated with understanding human connection, emotional balance and utilizing creativity to meet challenges.

Juliet has worked in an integrative clinical setting as a Medical Family Therapist as well as in private practice working with couples, individuals and children. She has helped clients facing a variety of issues including anxiety, grief, trauma, chronic pain, self-esteem, life-transitions, intimate relationships, and parenting.

Juliet’s positive energy, compassion, and direct nature helps bring out the best in clients, helping them face challenges with confidence, optimism and peace. Utilizing a person-centered approach, Juliet focuses on the mind and body connection to lead clients to trust themselves, change negative or destructive patterns and develop new skills for positive growth.



Ashley has a background in Marriage and Family Therapy. Ashley earned her Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy and her Bachelor’s Degree in Family, Consumer, and Human Development with a minor in Sociology. Ashley is passionate about helping clients discover strengths, make meaningful connections and achieve the balance they are searching for.

Ashley has had a variety of clinical experiences that she draws on to inform her consulting and clinical work. She has experience working with couples, families, and individuals of all ages and all backgrounds. She has helped clients who have struggled with anxiety, depression, addiction, relationships, grief and trauma.

Ashley has a genuine love for people and feels grateful to be a part of their journey. Ashley’s ability to be direct but kind, compassionate and empathetic helps clients to learn the skills necessary to face life’s challenges. Ashley is also prepared to help clients feel comfortable in an online support platform.

Melanie H.

Melanie has a background in Marriage and Family Therapy in a variety of outpatient services. She completed her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Spanish. Melanie is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. She greatly enjoys working with people of all backgrounds and getting to know them and their unique experiences.

Melanie has had experience working with individuals, couples, and families in a variety of circumstances. Melanie has unique experience working with military individuals and their families, Hispanic/Latinx individuals, couples and families, and teens. She enjoys getting to know people—their struggles, challenges, hopes, and dreams. Melanie believes that people are resilient. She believes change occurs when we believe in ourselves and others, have patience with ourselves and others, and can explore a variety of tools and skills to help us reach our individual, couple, and family goals.

Sarah B.

Sarah has a background in Marriage and Family Therapy. She earned her Master’s degree in Marital and Family Therapy and her Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Human Development. She has experience working with individuals, couples, and families with a particular emphasis in child and adolescence-related issues.

Sarah believes strongly in the strength of the human spirit to overcome difficult circumstances and find happiness and growth through biological, psychological, social and spiritual elements, and as such, takes a whole-person approach to healing. She has worked with a diverse population, helping them find peace in their day-to-day lives and heal from difficult experiences. Sarah strives to guide clients to discover their own strengths and find coping skills to manage things such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, conflict, self-esteem and illness. She has additional experience and passion for working with adoption, foster-care situations and parenting issues.

As a clinician, Sarah is compassionate and understanding and encourages her clients to grow despite difficulties. She is driven to help clients see the best in themselves and their loved ones, through which they and their families can draw closer together.

Brandon B.

Brandon received his Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and his Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science: Family Studies. He has worked with a diverse clientele over his years of clinical experience. Brandon is accepting and non-judgmental, which helps him build strong therapeutic relationships with his clients. He firmly believes that people need to feel loved, and he works collaboratively with his clients to help them achieve self-love and healing.

Brandon’s special areas of interest include helping people navigate anxiety and depression, as well as supporting family members impacted by addiction. He is especially interested in strengthening marriage/family relationships and feels very passionate about the strength that can be drawn from healthy relationships.

Kaity P. Y.

Kaity has a background in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has experience working with individuals, couples, and parent-child relationships. Kaity is passionate about helping people to see their situation and other people in a new and change-provoking light. She believes that there are understandable reasons behind even our most frustrating feelings and behaviors, and that gaining empathy for our own selves can lead to behavior changes. Furthermore, coming to understand why our family members do and say certain things can change the way we see them, and thus the way we treat them.

Kaity is especially passionate about helping individuals who are battling with anxiety and depression, as well as couples who are struggling to have a satisfying relationship. Kaity works to help people of all backgrounds and religions find healing and growth.

As a clinician, Kaity is authentic and honest with her clients. She strives to understand her clients completely, and truly believes in the good intentions of all. She always hopes to help her clients to find many reasons to love themselves and others more deeply.

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