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Episode 102: Explaining Bipolar & Borderline

Episode 101: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Episode 100: The Dangers of Mental Health Self-Diagnosis

Episode 99: Feeling Invisible & How to Feel Seen

Episode 98: The Science of Gratitude

Episode 97: Grief, Loss, & Meaning

Episode 96: Talking Our Kids Through Disappointment

Episode 95: How to Be Direct without Being Reactionary

Episode 94: How to Develop Closeness with Yourself & Others

Episode 93: Transitions & Vulnerability

Episode 92: Parenting Neurodiverse Children

Episode 91: Undoing Emotional Triggers & Healing Addiction-The Waterfall Metaphor

Episode 90: FOMO & How to Get Past It

Episode 89: 6 Ways to Build & Keep Momentum in Life

Episode 88: When Extended Family Dynamics Affect Your Kids

Episode 87: Adapting to Challenges by Leaning into Them

Episode 86: Reevaluating Our Estranged Relationships

Episode 85: Shedding Self-Destructive Paradigms

Episode 84: Self-Sabotage & How to Avoid It

Episode 83: Parenting Adult Children

Episode 82: Forgiving the People We Don’t See

Episode 81: What Is Gaslighting?

Episode 80: The Teen Boy Perspective

Episode 79: When Disappointment Runs Deep

Episode 78: Parenting Teen & Tween Girls

Episode 77: How to Prevent Relationship Regret

Episode 76: Parenting Myths & Finding Meaning

Episode 75: Emotional Paralysis & How to Get Unstuck

Episode 74: Boundaries & Burnout

Episode 73: Short & Sweet Valentines Tips

Episode 72: Suicide & Self-Harm

Episode 71: Talking to Kids about Pornography

Episode 70: Riot & Understanding

Episode 69: Solving our Struggles BETTER by Seeing Them for What They Are

Episode 68: Even Astronauts Have Feelings

Episode 67: Just Keep Swimming

Episode 66: Anxiety and Depression Q&A

Episode 65: Blended, Mixed, & Happy

Episode 64: Kicking the People-Pleasing Habit

Episode 63: How to Forgive Ourselves (Even When We Don’t Want To)

Episode 62: Adjusting to an Ordinary Life

Episode 61: Empathy 2.0

Episode 60: Dating After 30- Part Two

Episode 59: The Art of Measured Advocacy

Episode 58: Juggling a Full Plate (or three!)

Episode 57: Self-Care & Couples Relationships

Episode 56: How to Assess Our Own Emotional Health

Episode 55: How to Talk to Kids about Sex

Episode 54: Exiting the Echo Chamber

Episode 53: Navigating Life’s Transitions

Episode 52: Divorce & Co-parenting

Episode 51: The Art of Disappointment

Episode 50: Impostor Syndrome & Happy Podcast Birthday!

Episode 49: How to Help When a Loved One Flounders

Episode 48: The Emotional Underpinnings of Disordered Eating

Episode 47: How We Really Can Make Emotions Our Ally

Episode 46: Dating after 30

Episode 45: How to Develop Resilience in the Face of Disappointment

Episode 44: The Many Sides of Fatherhood

Episode 43: Meeting Your Partner’s Needs (& Getting Your Own Needs Met)

Episode 42: Depression & Anxiety in Marriage Relationships

Episode 41: Communicating with Empathy

Episode 40: PTSD—It’s Not What You Think

Episode 39: The Myth of Perfection

Episode 38: The Impact of Women

Episode 37: Marriage & Motherhood

Episode 36: Finding Balance in Stormy Times

Episode 35: Too Much Together-Time???

Episode 34: Money & Marriage

Episode 33: Battling Anxiety & Depression

Episode 32: Creativity Amid Crisis

Episode 31: How to Live by Intention, Rather than Scrambling for Results

Episode 30: What to Do When Teen/Adult Kids Go Off the Rails

Episode 29: How to Fight Well

Episode 28: Pop Music & Relationships

Episode 27: How to Find, and Be, a Good Partner

Episode 26: Crafting Questions for Connection

Episode 25: The Seasons of Marriage

Episode 24: Identity Awareness

Episode 23: Keeping Childhood Magical

Episode 22: How to NOT Raise Entitled Kids

Episode 21: Body Image & Intimacy

Episode 20: A Resolution to Connect

Episode 19: Hope in the Trenches

Episode 18: How to Be Emotionally Vunerable—and Still Function

Episode 17: The #MOMGUILT Episode

Episode 16: Through the Eyes of a Marriage Therapist

Episode 15: Real Bonding (Even with Extended Family!) at the Holidays

Episode 14: When Marriage Gets Rocky

Episode 13: How to Forgive When Hurt Runs Deep

Episode 12: How to Cope with Toxic People

Episode 11: What to Do When Kids Go to Extremes

Episode 10: Intentional Parenting

Episode 9: Parenting Difficult Teens

Episode 8: Parenting Matters

Episode 7: The Betrayer Without a Face

Episode 6: The Secrets of Secret-keeping

Episode 5: The Roots beneath Addiction

Episode 4: We’re in This Life Together

Episode 3: Why Couples Therapy?

Episode 2: Empathy As a Currency

Episode 1: The Case for Attachment

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